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S.M.A.T. by Akitsugu Domoto

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S.M.A.T. by Akitsugu Domoto
3 powerful impromptu card magic suitable for walk-around.
When you are asked "show me a trick", what will you do? Here are 3 new pieces of magic you can do whenever you want to...
1. Doppelgänger
Do you like "mystery card" plot? Here is another one for you. The spectator's card appears many times like mirage and is finally found at impossible location.

2. Houseguest
Do you like "visitor" plot? You can't miss this. The spectator's card appears between 2 sandwiching cards out of nowhere but disappears again. Where is the card? Now, it's in the card box!

Do you like "gambling" plot or "thought-of card" plot? Me too, and this is one of my greatest secrets. You can deal a poker hand which includes the card thought of by the spectator to the spectator, and also can detect which is the card without looking at the face. What is most important is, Axiom is almost self-working!

All impromptu. No prerequisite setting.

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