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Pure Imagination by Scott Robinson (Video version)

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Scott Robinson - Pure Imagination

IMAGINE causing a card to disappear SLOWLY and VISUALLY. IMAGINE performing the vanish with just three cards. IMAGINE doing it with no gaffs.
At Vanishing Inc. we are honored to be working with underground legend Scott Robinson. We begin our collaboration with one of his finest creations: a card vanish that has fooled and inspired many of the top magicians in the industry. The effect is as simple as it is beautiful: a signed card disappears between two others, and then appears a moment later. The fine finesse points and subtleties used make this an extraordinary piece of magic worthy of study and use
Along with two tricks using this amazing card vanish, you'll also learnDifferences:an incredible three for one coin transposition (requires a gimmick coin that you likely already own) andLoose Change; an impromptu handling of Digital Disolve by BJ Bueno and Steve Dusheck.

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