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Jon Thompson - Strip

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Jon Thompson - Strip

An in depth look at the stripper deck! Forget everything you think you know! Includes free Bicycle stripper deck!
Jon Thompson introduces you to a world of card magic that you never thought possible with the most venerable deck you never use – the stripper deck!
Jon’s ‘simple and subtle’ approach will open a wide array of incredible effects that will leave all who witness them completely baffled – and that includes magicians! This DVD is not just for beginners folks – it’s serious stuff!
Mastery of the stripper deck is within your grasp! Get ready to Strip!
Includes 10 show stopping effects performed by Dave Forrest that will destroy all your preconceptions about the stripper deck!
Formation aces
Binary 101
Cardman elektra
Programmed deck
Find my aces
Out of sight (redux)
Mentalman (si-stack)
Sandwich this
Genuinely drawn
One to ten
Running Time Approximately 1hr 40min

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