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David Corsaro LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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David Corsaro LIVE (Penguin LIVE) Identify your target, individualize your product, and increase your brand recognition.

"The biggest compliment I can give - and it happens to be 100% true - is that David's material is so well thought out and complete, that there were several items I would be thrilled to immediately add to my own personal repertoire." - Daryl

"David's trick 'Getting to know you' is one of the most commercial card routines I have seen in a long time." - Jon Allen

"David Corsaro's effect "Mallrats" is one of the best "interactive" tricks I have seen, which successfully eliminates the problems I have with most interactive effects." - Robin Dawes

"David's material is made for real people in real conditions. Several of the effects will go straight to my repertoire" - Boris Wild

"I enjoyed your material and the thinking behind the effects. Well done." - Larry Becker

"David's material is fantastic and I encourage any magicians looking for some great new commercial material to check it out" - Marc DeSouza

What will he teach?
Getting To Know You - The magician takes out a deck of cards and asks the spectator a series of funny questions about themselves, spelling 1 card for each letter of their answer. Despite the large range of possibilities, the last answer ends on a card with the spectators name on it. This is an excellent trick for establishing a real connection to an audience member.

Wild Birthday - This routine takes a classic of card magic and turns it into a fun routine for anyone having a birthday where you are performing, especially kids. It gets the entire group involved in celebrating the spectator's birthday and leaves them with a nice souvenir to remember you by.

Mallrats - A spectator takes an imaginary journey around a mall directory and the magician is able to correctly predict what store the spectator will stop at. This effect leaves every member of the audience with a unique souvenir that they will save for a long time (which just happens to have all of your contact information on it.)

Mad About You - A very personal effect where you bring the audience inside of your life for a minute and prove that fate decides the path we take. The spectator has a free choice of any card in the deck (for real) yet they choose the only one that matches your prediction.

Baby Gag - This is David's take on the standard "Baby Gag" effect. David turns this quick joke into a miracle….about 50% of the time...and the other 50% of the time, it's still a hilarious gag!

Baci - A simple card trick turns into a magical (and tasty) souvenir for your spectators. This effect is perfect for table hoppers as it gets several people involved, takes up very little pocket space and creates a visual transposition of 2 objects.

Can I Call You Sometime - David's signature effect. A spectator is given a free choice of 25 different ladies' phone numbers. A deck of cards gets shuffled (by the spectator) in a face up/face down condition. The spectator spreads the deck and the only cards face up match the phone number selected. A true hands-off miracle! Asi Wind says "Just the concept of David's trick "Can I call you sometime" is worth the price of his whole lecture"

Marketing for Magicians - After the magic is done, David will take his 18 years of experience working for 2 of the best marketing agencies in the country and walk you through dozens of tips and suggestions for how to improve your marketing as a magician. These are inexpensive tools that will help you to expand your brand and put yourself in a better position to grow your business. Find out why dozens of top magicians like Karl Hein, Mark Calabrese, Jason Alan, Will Fern, Jason Messina and even the SAM and IBM organizations have reached out to David for marketing advice.

Who is he?
David has performed for the past 7 years at New York's famous "Monday Night Magic" as a close-up performer, an emcee and even one of the three featured stage acts. He lectures for magic clubs and conventions all over the world including 2 of the past 3 years at Magi-Fest and at the 2016 SAM National Convention. He was named "MVP" of the Carolina Close-Up Convention (TRICS) in 2012. He has been a regular attendee of the Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic (4F) convention since 2007. In 2008, David combined his knowledge of magic with his 18 years of experience working in two of the top marketing agencies in the country to create "The Business of Being Awesome", a full marketing lecture specifically designed for the working magician. This lecture received a standing ovation at the Detroit Motor City Close-up Convention in 2011.

David has also turned his love of magic into a web show called "Time to be Awesome" where he interviews some of the top magicians in our field and gets them to open up and tip valuable advice for the working pro.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, David understands the power of magic and using it for the advancement of his community and country. He performs many charity and fundraising shows each year for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Lions International and many local animal shelters.

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