Borodin - The Cezanne Code

Borodin - The Cezanne Code

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Borodin - The Cezanne Code


So what is this "Cézanne Code" everyone is talking about?? anyway?

Well?? first it is for professional mentalists or part time professional mentalists who have a permanent partner?? ONLY. If you are not a professional mentalist or a part time professional mentalist?? or you do not have a permanent partner?? I will not sell you the code. There are several reasons for this. One is that you will be wasting your money. Another is that it is not for the curiosity seeker. This is a tool for people who are serious?? hard core mentalists.

If your idea of mentalism is guessing the name of a selected card or guessing a word in a book?? and you do not understand what real mindreading should look like?? this is not for you. However?? if you have read this far?? without resentment?? then you could very well be the person this is intended for.

So?? this is what it is??

It is a two-person silent code that is easy to learn and very deceptive. It is absolutely indetectible. If you work with it correctly?? even someone else who knows and uses the code won't know you are doing it.

With this code?? you can transmit numbers?? letters?? words?? pictures?? virtually anything your heart desires. You can learn the basics of the code in 10 minutes?? but it is so flexible that you will be able to make people believe you can actually transmit thoughts or read minds.

It is not cheap. It is being produced in a limited edition of 150 copies?? which will sell for $150.00 each.We have only a few copies left?? and we are not in a hurry to dispose of them.

To obtain one?? you must sign an agreement not to reveal the clever secrets to anyone but the other person in your act.

This is the first time this code is being published in the English language.*

There is a foreword by Ted Lesley?? who is an ardent fan of Borodin and his work.

If there are any doubts in your mind as to the value of this book?? read what Carl Herron -- Brother Shadow?? a long-time member of the Psychic Entertainers Association and columnist for M.U.M. has to say about it??

The Cezanne Code
by Borodin
Translated by Bill Palmer
Forword by Ted Lesley

Who ever said?? "Good things come in small packages"?? must have known that "The Cezanne Code" was coming along.

For any performer who is doing?? or thinking seriously of doing?? a two person act?? this book will seem like a gift from above. For those of you who buy books just to collect them?? please let this one go. Only 150 copies have been printed?? and in the best of all possibilities?? those 150 books will go to people who will use it. It is to good to just sit on a shelve.

I call this book a head slapper. I've studied many two person codes and when I read this?? I slapped my head?? as in "Why did I never think of that!"

To quote from the introduction?? "Imagine this-You are in the audience. The medium is on stage?? blindfolded. You are holding a banknote. The medium tells you the denomination and the serial number?? and you never utter a syllable. A spectator looks at a card. The medium reveals it?? again with no spoken cue of any kind.

No electric devices are necessary for this. You can perform it at enormous distances...."

Sounds like a pipe dream?? but it is for real.

You and your partner can learn this code in a tiny fraction of the time needed with any other code. I'm not saying it doesn't take work?? but anything worth while does.

It is not being given away. The cost is $150.00?? and you should know that it is not a hardbound book?? it is however nicely produced.

If you are now doing a two person act or plan on doing one in the future....Please get in touch with Bill Palmer before this limited edition is gone.

Brother Shadow


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