World XCM Champions

World XCM Champions

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BF Grip
BF Flip
Deck Separation
BF 1-Handed Cut
BF Flick
Cut Sequence
Birdy One
BF Shuffle
Pinky Shuffle
TT Display
Dizzy Demon Sequence (several moves)
Vertical Dizzy Demon Sequence (Several moves)
Arm Spread - Half and Half Fall Catch
Arm Spread - Half and Half Up Catch
Change-Over Arm Spread
Arm Spread plus 1
Arm Spread plus 1 with brush
Two Spreads, 1 arm
Cobra Switch
Fan Push Combo
Horizontal Brush Arm Spread Combo
Stationary Flick
Behind The Neck Toss
Two Card Boomerang
Two Card Boomerang Brush

Extendo Fan

Card Brush Combo

Fan Pop Combo

One Handed S Fan


3 Card Cascade

1 Card In-Between

Mills Mess

Cross Handed Reverse


Basic L Cut by Jerry Cestkowski

L-Cut Transfer

Shared L-Cuts

Around The L-Cut

Reverse L-Cuts

PRESSURE CUTS (1 Handed Cut)

Basic Pressure Cut

Double Pressure Cut

Diamond Pressure Cut


Arm Shuffle Sequence

Half and Half Shuffle

Hour Glass Shuffle


Arc Display

Hotshot/Flipback Combo

Fan Brush

Max Opener

Paddle Wheel Ring sequence

World XCM Champions DVD 2 Disc Set Review

Packaging - Well the package is simple and elegant. It doesn’t have all the flashy annoying colors trying to get your attention. It is just enough for you to know that there is something special inside.

Description - This DVD is a picture perfect film of showmanship. The video is well put together and gets right to the point. They perform the move several times then teach it. The teaching, as you would expect from anything Handlordz puts out, is perfect. It has good camera angles and excellent explanation. If anyone was going to learn these XCM moves this would be the best way to do it.

Disc 1
This disc features three options and they are right to the point. J.S. Lin, Max Vlassenko, and Credits/Bloopers. Both J.S. and Max are excellent at what they do. They also teach in a skillful and professional manner throughout the DVD. The credits/bloopers section is great. It basically shows that even the best in the world make mistakes, but they have fun doing it.

Disc 2
This disc is all Max Vlassenko.
Here are the options: Fans, Juggling, L-cuts, Pressure cuts, Shuffles, and Miscellaneous. This is a no brainer what’s here. If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best.

There are also several surprise visits from The Flourishman Jerry Cestkowski. Not only is he a master in the art, but he is hilarious. The masterful hands of Handlordz founder De'vo vom Schattenreich are also working their magic as they should.

All in all this is the best XCM DVD on the market for both viewing enjoyment and an awesome learning experience. I highly recommend getting a copy because words just can’t do it justice.

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