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First Hour by Bizau Cristian

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2 HOURS of Sleights and Ideas

Revealing everything from the First Hour of my 365 project.

For the move-monkeys, for the table workers, for those who want to occupy their hands for the next few months, this video will serve good to anyone interested in magic, be it a beginner or an advanced user of the crafts.

This video is both casual as it is serious in the theories and ideas that I bring forth, but keep in mind that it's me we're talking about, so you'll have to expect too much dancing, too much yelling and maybe a bit of moving through town.

I go over patters and HOW to come up with them, magic CONCEPTS and how to TREAT your audience, how I come up with MATERIAL and how you can do the same, besides all the dancing and improvising.

Keep in mind that I do not go in depth into each sleight; I reveal where only a reveal is necessary and I go into depth where I consider it's worth it.

Table of Contents

What th...?!

I teach you the "Choke Sleight" which is accomplished for this transposition, as well as show you other ways to use the technique.

Traveling Backpackers

This is an action palm which happens while you swing cut the cards. The card is backpalmed in your left hand.

A1n Color Change

I reveal this, simply, bluntly, because I think any beginner or magician can figure it out by themselves.

Middle Sandwich

The sandwich uses a bluff technique which I believe some of you will be familiar with. Nevertheless, I teach you my take on it and how I think it should look.

Middo Double

You riffle the deck, show the bottom card of the packet, then in the motion of bring the card to the top you've retained two cards.

Tricking the Ambitious Card Trick

An use of the Cardini Change during an Ambitious Card Routine.

Overused Control / Bert Allerton Move Variation **

I get angry during this haha. I teach my Variation on the Bert Allerton move, which is much more natural and accessible than what he's put out in his book. Once you learn this, you'll use it every time; a switch, a change or just a great use for control.

F.P. Color Change

The magician waves his fan over the deck and the top card magically changes.

Vary Change

I still think this has potential. Card is sticking out of the deck and with a snap (not a "Snap Change" by Ed Marlo) the card transforms.

Cpread Sontrol

Another variation on the Simplefied 3.0 Control.


An application to a move taught by Edward Marlo in his "M.I.N.T." Series.


Was obsessed with this move for 2 years before finally letting it go. A card is placed on the table and while the magician waves the deck over the card, the card vanishes or changes. Looks amazing when done with multiple cards.


A gimmicked card through Card Case which I honestly jump over. Did not feel like it was worth going into, also, was too lazy to make the gimmick ALSO I forgot how I accomplished it ...

Vertical Switch +

I teach you guy 2 Variations of this, a NEW and OLD one, both which have a lot of potential in fooling your audience. I recommend you warmly to practice these.

Just sitting on the thumb

A DL executed with the help of an "Angel". Haha, that sounds funny.

TYUK Control

I decided not to reveal this to you because it had been done by Lenard Green and at the time I was not aware of it. Instead, I go into another sleight (#Control) which I would rather keep secret and have you discover it by yourselves.

Ambeldex Change ++

Change a card ONE time, TWO times, THREE times, or make it travel through the deck. The applications to this are limitless (#notreally #butstill).

Bnvisible Control

I laugh to much at this one. Mainly because I ended up fooling my present self with the routine.

Playing Around

A great and SO SIMPLE change (#badgrammar) which you'll definitely pick up and obsess over it (own experience).

Waterfall Change

I go over 3 methods for achieving this, one which is practical and easy, one which is impractical and easy and one which is complicated and stupid haha.

Selection Reverse Sleight

A simple yet effective way of reversing a chosen card after the spectator has touched one from a spread.

Old Color Changes

2 Color changes and one switch which feel more like variations to Classics than original sleights. Nevertheless, definitely something in here for you guys.

Simplefied 2.0 ++

Learn this. That's it. Best control I came up with.

Un-Expected Pop Out

A variation to the "Pepito Change" from Toolbiz #1 which happens in the hands.

Sistawn Control

An application to the "Kelly Bottom Placement". Great to know if you like the KBP.

My Ambitious Card Routine

HAHAHA, I fooled myself again here. Search it on youtube. You guys are going to enjoy. Not something that will fool you, but definitely something which you'll enjoy.

POT Control

A variation on the TOP control by Alex Pandrea. You guys gon't like and use.

P. Coin Vanish

My most used coin sleight. Think I saw some folks publish this 3 years after I made the video. I am sure ti was the "F**k Coin Magic" guys.

Rubbidy Change

Still believe this is the best "Rub-a-dub-dub Change" that I've discovered and seen. I teach you guys a few variations and ways to accomplish this.

Forgotten Control

I forgot what this is...

iLLusion and Choke Change

A variation on the Choke Change where the top card changes back and forth, as if an illusion had occurred without fully materializing.

Deck Turning Idea

Learn this. Definitely a great way of turning a deck face up under the cover of the top card.

Spring Sidesteal

What the title says, is what I show you.

Towngrade **

I go in depth into this, because I believe in the potential of this effect and sleight. This is definitely for the advanced users of the craft.

Pop Change

Variation on the "Poppins Change". These were all before I had come up with the full and final version which I ended up publishing.

Fly Switch

A convincing way of switching a card sticking out of a spread. This could be included in the "Simplefied Control" area. They all revolve around the same concept of dragging, slipping and moving on ice (#cards).

"Another Control" Control

Must be my most convincing control from the entire First Hour. You guys have to search this on youtube just to convince yourself. MOST CONVINCING.

Jumper Sandwich

A simple, yet effective way to surprise someone who hasn't seen the movie (#noconnection).

Backlash Transpo

YES, YES, YES, YES. What is supposed to be a transposition end up not happening at all, and what's supposed to be an effect ends up never actually starting in the first place. I don't even know what I'm saying, but this is definitely something you guys will enjoy.

Spring Control

It's a spring control done with the help of a ...

Broken Control -

09302nnos98wnv[ s -9dgipnewv9899w feknww0--302

Sandwich Switch

You guys gon' love love LOVE this. A simple yet very useful tool if you a Sandwich Routine Person like myself.

Blind Man's Transpo

I couldn't see what happened in this.

D'Hotel Production +

I teach you both the production as well as the one handed color change which appears in the trailer as well.


A routine which was very fond to me at the time. Cards sticking to each other, decks being magnetized, this must be a love story if not a really strong lube.


A gentle touch, a soft pick of a selection while the deck is spread and reversed. Going to go into your repertoire instantly.'s not Mary

I do not go into the "Mary Change" due to Copyright Issues, but I teach you guys a switch instead.

Count-Down Production

An idea which I have not taken further, but which I pass on to you guys in hope that maybe on e of you might give it a warm home and a nice dinner, then f**k it and create some babies from/with it. Just don't forget the ring, guys.

Sumsimyk Production

A production that flows, looks and feels like a dame in your hands; easy and fast.

Pepito Color Change

THE Color Change for table workers. I scratch the surface here, but I'm sure you guys can pick it up and transform it into something beautiful.

Fish Pole Riser

A card rises from the middle of the deck as if being pulled with a pole. Does not make use of the left hand in any way.

Wu-Tang Sandwich

A pretty name to an effect that uses a dupe. I was really disappointed by this one...

(n)Erdi Production -

Meh production.

Tapuccino Switch

A peculiar switch which happens with the card being placed perpendicular to the side of the deck. Really an interesting switch. Hmmm...

Air Conditioner

I teach you guys the fan color change that this effect revolves around. An easy but visual CC.

Lined-Up Production

For the table folks.

New Sandwich Load

Taught this on my youtube channel as well. I am amazed as to how I have not seen this anywhere else. Nonetheless, I know you guys are going to love this.

Zoso Change 2.0

Change the top card of the deck as many times as you want. This variation on the Zoso Change will allow you to manipulate a card from the top to the middle as well as retain from 1 to 10 cards.

2c2 Transposition

Something I picked up from "Revolutionary Card Technique" and apply it here (selecting a card from a faro). It's a transposition that relies on an idea of mine which doesn't necessarily have to be used for a transpo, but can easily be applied in other places too (placement, key card, break)

Propel Color Change

A card is thrown from the right hand to the deck and changes in mid-air. I never took this to its full potential, but someone I am sure will.

Belsina Color Change

I had to look at this a couple of times before realizing how I did it. Heavily influenced by a DnD change.

Imaginary Joker Sandwich +

This is an application to the "Balean Twist". I am not sure if I teach the Balean Twist or not. Not sure...

Summer Color Change

Definitely going in your "weird" grip color changes repertoire. Even thought I tag it as "weird" it has a really natural feel to its motions. Youtube it so you see what I mean.

Visual Sweetness

A share with you guys my concept on patters and how they influence the overall magic output of your sleights.

Coin in Shoe

As the title says. A really blunt way to achieve this though.

G.R.I.N.D. Production

A production which relies on a set up and "Re.Selected".


An application for the "Pop Fly". Yes, I slightly teach you guys Pop Fly.

AToMS [Albert's Take on Mark's Smooth]

A wave is all it takes for this change to happen. I am not able to perform this, but I express how I believe Albert accomplished this.

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