John Bannon - Bullet Party (1-2)

John Bannon - Bullet Party (1-2)

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John Bannon - Bullet Party (1-2)


Become a card-carrying member of the Bullet Party.

John Bannon?? internationally-renowned magic guru?? is back?? unleashing two new discs crammed with fantastic material.

An unabashed packet trick aficionado?? Bannon presents two new red-hot fractal blockbusters??Bullet PartyandMega 'Wave. (Fractal - high impact packet tricks that end clean and examinable). Simple to do. Multiple climaxes. And killer?? killer magic. You get all the necessary cards (13 USPCC printed pasteboards). With just a couple ofeasymoves?? you'll have two miracles on your hands that you will performevery timeyou do magic.

If two sophisticated "fractal" packet tricks are not enough?? Bannon brings on anotherelevenjaw-dropping card tricks (and one brilliant in-the-hands false cut). All with regular cards. All virtually impromptu. All with no difficult moves.


  • Bullet Party
  • Final Verdict
  • Box Jumper
  • Riverboat Poker
  • Poker Pairadox Redux
  • Fractal Re-Call (Revised)
  • Crocodile False Cut


  • Mega 'Wave
  • Fat City Revisited
  • Wicked
  • Bullet Catcher
  • Drop Target Aces
  • Four Shadow Aces
  • Big Fat Bluff Aces

BULLET PARTY -An Ace of Spades and three Jokers. Follow the Ace and ignore the Jokers-if you can-before the bullets start flying and all four cards change.

What once were Jokers are now the Ace of Clubs?? Hearts?? and Diamonds. Complete with subtitles?? Each new Ace has a message for the spectator written on its face. Finally?? the Ace of Spades is flipped over to reveal a different colour back AND another note for the audience.

Remember - everything is examinable. There isnothingfor the audience to find. Easy to do. Easy reset. Absolutely stunning magic!!

MEGA 'WAVE -The performer exhibits two sets of four cards. The first consists of the four Queens. The second packet is wrapped with a wide band. Any Queen is named (NO force).

Demonstrating the difference between sleight-of-hand magic and mentalism?? you take Queens and do a "move" (not really) to reverse the named Queen reversed in the centre of the packet. That's 'sleight of hand magic'.

Demonstrating psychic ability?? you take the banded packet (which has been in plain sight)?? remove the band?? and show that the named Queen is reversed in the middle of the packet. Somehow?? you knew ahead of time which Queen would be selected! To remove all doubt?? the named Queen has a different colored back! And?? it's the only Queen in the packet?? the rest are all Jokers!

All of these cards may be examined. No extra cards are used; nothing is added or taken away. The cards are in plain sight at all times?? nothing is placed behind the performer's back or under the table. And best of all - the trick iseasy to do!

WAY MORE.Eleven more card tricks. Four unusual Ace routines to be done together or separately. Produce. Re-produce. Assemble. Change. Disassemble. Bannon's faux-poker fractal matching trick that now resets instantly. A fabulous?? self-working poker deal. Plus transpositions?? transformations?? and transportations. Modern?? impromptu card magic?? expertly wrought and expertly taught.

Welcome to the party!


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