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Steven Shadow - The Perfect Seduction

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The beautiful woman cannot believe what she has just seen with her own eyes. It's not a pick-up line.

It is magic.

Learn the world's best tricks on how to seduce every woman.

Pick-Up Magic with Steven Shadow explains how you can trick their senses and seduce woman with magic, step-by-step.

It is magic. Enchant every woman of your choice! Learn everything about the unbelievable power of Pick-Up Magic. Learn how you can start a conversation, how to amaze her and how to seduce the woman you desire. These techniques are easy to learn and are explained step-by-step.

Steven Shadow, the successful Close-Up-Magician and world-class seducer, performes 19 exclusive magic tricks and teaches them vividly. You will see exactly how the master of Pick-Up Magic gets beautiful women under his spell. And the best thing is: You will be able to achieve those results the very same night!

Most of these magic tricks are ingenious improptu-effects, which can be performed everywhere and everytime in order to start a conversation, to build an emotional connection or demonstrate your own higher value to a woman.

All magic gimmicks, which are needed for some peculiar outstanding effects, are included in every DVD-Set, incl. a full-strength Neodym-magnetic ring (retail price usually around 50,00 Euro if bought separately).

Moreover, Steven Shadow will explain in great detail on how you can use magic effectively to your advantage:

o You will learn how you can leave a lasting impression and how you can increase your social value in the eyes of the women and even other men.
o You will learn how you can prevent getting in the typical role of the entertainer and how you can keep on seducing the woman even in challenging situations.
o You will learn all the important rules of Pick-Up Magic. It is of uttermost importance that you follow all those rules to make the seduction process as smooth as possible.
o You will learn the philosophy and the psychology behind the power of magic and how it can be applied to specifically seduce beautiful women.

The Pick-Up Magic tricks are divided into three main sections:

1. Opener

2. Magic-Techniques

3. Mental Magic

Opener:These feats are ideal in starting a conversation and keep the attention of an attractive woman. If you feel like not knowing what to say from time to time, than those feats are ideal for you. No woman was EVER approached in this way!

You will not just just learn those feats, but you will also see Steven Shadow demonstrate them on women live on DVD. You will also experience everything he says and how he says it to a woman: word-by-word.

You will learn a total of 5 great openers:

o Squeeek!
o Burning Fire
o Money Maker
o Show me the Money
o Chiropractics

Magic-Techniques:Here you will learn some of the most effective magic techniques, which every Close-Up-Magician should have in their repertoire. Those techniques are ideal in order to amaze and leave a lasting impression to the audience. Just imagine what kind of effect it could have on a woman, if you are seemingly able to stop time for a moment. Or how it is like if you can defy gravity on physical objects.

Some of these techniques are very easy to learn and apply right away. Others do require some practice to be able to perform them confidently. But it is worth it!

Steven Shadow will demonstrate you unique and amazing ways on how you can learn each effect most efficiently. Then you will learn how you can be demonstrate those techniques and how you can build a full routine - from meeting a woman to closing a woman!

Slow-motions and time-loops allow you to watch each move and technique repeatetly without the need of constantly having to rewind a particular sequence on your DVD-player. For best results, multiple cameras were used during filming so you can watch everything from every important angle.

You will learn the following magic techniques:

o Ashes in the Wind
o Time Stop
o Busy Ring
o Anti Gravity
o Cigarette Hypnosis
o Burning Desire
o Rubber Linkage
o Solid goes through Solid
o Rhino
o Money Transformer
o Pyro Magic

Mental Magic:You will learn some of the most amazing techniques on how you can foresee the near future and how you are able to exactly say out loud what the woman thinks. She will not believe this can be real.

You will learn the three most amazing mental magic tricks. Amonng others, you will be able to tell what the name of her best friend is, what year she was born, where she would like to travel for vacation and much more.

Mental Magic is the direct way in the subconscious mind of women. In the moment, in which you are performing mental magic on her, a window of opportunity opens up to the true nature of a woman. She will become receptive for suggestions and rapport-techniques that can be learned on the German DVD-Set "Die besten Verf?hrungstechniken der Welt" or the exclusive Double-DVD-Set "Advanced Pick-Up Arts by Badboy", presented by The Perfect Seduction.

But be careful, some of those techniques are so powerful that they can become dangerous in the wrong hands. Please only use those techniques EXACTLY as described on the DVD.

Everything you will need to know in order to seduce the women of your dreams can be found in this DVD-Set. The DVD was recorded and produced for the maximum learning experience. Dynamic cutting- and audio-techniques were used to enhance the viewing experience. For every single trick, it is possible to display innovative trick-loops to view a particular trick or effect in a loop. You can practice all techniques right in front of your TV screen.

The DVD-Set is shipped in a high-quality, oversized DVD-Box in order to hold all the gimmicks.

The DVD "Pick-Up Magic with Steven Shadow" has complete English subtitles, the audio is in German. The DVD can be played on every DVD-player and PC worldwide. You can order the complete set right now for just 57,90 Euro (approx. US-$75,00, plus world-wide shipping and handling in a neutral package).

Payment options include credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, Maestro), PayPal and pre-payment via bank wire transfer.

The product usually ships within 24 hours after payment is received.

Should you have any questions about the ordering process or questions about the DVD, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will be glad to assist you.


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