Bob Nelson - Still More Miracles

Bob Nelson - Still More Miracles

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Imagine for a moment ribbon spreading a deck of cards face up on the table. All of the cards are different and fair. The spectator is asked to push forward any one card and leave it face up on the table. This card is covered with an ashtray or drink to prevent anyone from touching it until the incredible climax that reveals the selected card is the only one with a different color back! And NO the selected card is not switched in any way and YES the audience gets to see both the fronts and backs of the cards (no gaffs are used). Plus, you end completely clean! The effect is Sid Solomon's original Undue Influence, a devastating card effect that is as strong as ANY ever conceived; and it is just one of over 40 effects in this outstanding compilation of practical, yet powerful mentalism miracles (see the complete list below). Material contributed by some of the field's most brilliant thinkers, including Gene Grant (Phantini), Orville Meyer, Dr. S.P. Thornton, North Bigbee, The Amazing Maurice, J.G. Thompson, Jr., Dick Johnson, Bob Nelson, Stewart Judah, and others. Nelson saved the best for last in this third, standalone compilation of mentalism effects. So whether you are a mentalist or a magician who performs mental magic, this book is a must-have addition to your digital library. Nicely illustrated and completely re-typeset in this new large format, easy-to-read edition. 86 pages.


Coptic Enigma – Bob Parrish
The “Impossible” Prediction – Bob Nelson
A Mental Do As I Do – Bob Nelson
Life Savers With An Esp Flavor – Bob Nelson
Mental Card Elimination – Bob Nelson
Color Vision Outdone - Bob Nelson
Brain Waves Deluxe – Bob Nelson
Business Card Telepathy – Fredric Kolb
Mental Currency – The Amazing Maurice
ESP Tumblers – The Amazing Maurice
A Spectator Performs Telepathy – The Amazing Maurice
Maurice’s Handy Andy – The Amazing Maurice
Newspaper Ad Test – The Amazing Maurice
ESP Card Effect – The Amazing Maurice
Mental Telephone Telepathy – The Amazing Maurice
License Plate Numbers – The Amazing Maurice
A Mental Puzzle – Al Mann
Phantini’s Thought Card to Pocket – Gene Grant
Phantini’s Miracle Gimmick – Gene Grant
Ouija-Ouija – Dick johnson
The Spirit Speaks – Dick Johnson
Impromptu Headline Prediction – Dick Johnson
Group Reception – Dick Johnson
Undue Influence – Sid Solomon
Predicted Action – Dr. S. P. Thornton
Registro Prediction – North Bigbee
Secret of the Flame – North Bigbee
Double Divination – North Bigbee
Duplico – North Bigbee
Predicto – Clettis V. Musson
Recognizing the Unknown – Syd Bergson
Mental Blocks – James Auer
Math-O-Matics – Dr. Chet Miller
En Rapport Psychic Thought – Gerald Kosky
Mental Cocktail – Orville Meyer
Match-O-Matic – Orville Meyer
Premonition – A Prize Winner – J. G. Thompson, Jr.
A Deck of Cards, and a Miracle – Robert G. Tripp
Number Affinity – Stewart Judah
Telesthesia – Dave Dowds
The Devil Speaks – Alan Milan
Publicity Dictionary Test – Alan Milan
A Few Thoughts on Radio Publicity – Alan Milan

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