Secret Manuscript One (Instant Download)

Secret Manuscript One (Instant Download)

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Secret Manuscript One (Instant Download)

Amnesia, telepathy and psychokinesis.

“Deletum” gives you the power to induce amnesia. You give the participant the opportunity to win every penny in your bank account. All they have to do is remember your PIN number. 

You write your PIN number down, they take a moment to memorize it, yet every time you ask them to relay the information, they get it wrong! 

Your participant will say different numbers throughout the routine, showing that you have the power to create visual hallucinations and make them forget the simplest of things. 

No matter how hard they try to remember, they will never succeed.

“Psychol” is a book test like no other. The combination of principles at work creates an impossible illusion of true telepathy. 

The spectator chooses a page at random in a book, they choose any word they would like, and you then have them genuinely change their mind to any another word, the word only exists on the page and in their mind, yet you still know exactly which word they are thinking of. 

This is not a pipe dream. This is a working piece of mentalism that uses normal props that are fully examinable and completely un-gimmicked. You can even give everything away at the end of your performance. 

The performer never touches the book, the page is selected at random without the need for awkward processes, they select any word, and they change to any word. This is a perfectly choreographed slice of deception that will fry your audiences, as well as any magicians who happen to be watching too. 

“Delayed” is Prager’s take on the “PK Time” concept. The idea of moving the hands on a watch using your psychokinetic powers is now considered a classic thanks to Banachek’s amazing work on the subject. Prager has taken this work and run with it to the point that in reading the secrets contained within this manuscript, you will be able to divine and move the hands of a watch to a thought of time, not only the minutes, but the full and exact time that the participant has created in their own mind. There are no forces, psychological or physical, everything is justified and clear and the effect is truly devastating. 

With “Delayed” you will: 

- Always hit the time 100%. 
- Reveal not only the minutes, but the hour also. 
- They never say their thought of hour aloud. 
- You very clearly show that you never touch the stem of the watch. 
- The watch is fully examinable and is not gimmicked in any way. 

Step inside the leaves of this manuscript to be handed the power to perform a true miracle of psychokinetic ability.

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