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Richard Sanders - The Richard Sanders Show

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Volume One (DVDRS1RIC) 

Effects Performed and Explained: 

Named: Watch the scribble from a magic marker VISUALLY TRANSFORM INTO A SPECTATOR’S NAME! Perform this miracle anywhere and anytime. No advance preparation necessary. Just walk up to a complete stranger and perform this amazing demonstration! 

Double Bill Switch: Watch a borrowed $1 bill transform into a $50 bill, then into a $100 bill and then back into a $1 bill. The bills are shown front and back after each change and you are clean all the way through! A sure-fire, crowd-pleasing miracle!! 

Behind My Back: A CARD IS CHOSEN WITH THE CARDS HELD BEHIND THE PERFORMER'S BACK. The magician, hands still held behind his back, turns around slowly, revealing the selection between his teeth...a real stunner! 

Gobsmack Pack: There is one face down card in the face up deck. A spectator names any card. The face down card is turned over and on it’s face, written in indelible marker, is the name of his thought of card. A real reputation maker and immediately repeatable with any card named. No nail writers or rough and smooth and completely self working! 

SynchronACEity: A diabolical self-working routine with built in 
surprise finish. Together, the spectator and the performer manage 
to find the 4 aces in the fairest manner possible! 

Pile of Change: Change a spectator’s penny into a quarter and then 
GIVE THE QUARTER TO THE SPECTATOR as a souvenir. Here’s the amazing part: you have 
nothing on you before and after the trick, there is no preparation and you do not lose
any money performing this miracle...completely impromptu! 

Cramped: A signed bill vanishes and then reappears inside the cap of a marker 
that the spectator used to sign his bill! The spectator holds the marker throughout and
the spectator, himself, pulls the bill out of the marker cap! 

Magic Marker: A secret weapon in your pocket. It’s a marker and a super 
visual card revelation all wrapped into one unit. An amazing, practical stunner!Volume Two (DVDRS2RIC) 

Effects Performed and Explained: 

Rising: This effect has been one of Richard’s most closely guarded secrets. Borrow a deck of cards and perform a no gimmick, no movement, angle-proof, rising card from the middle of the pack! 

Mr. Stickman: Straight out of Richard’s professional repertoire. A hand-drawn stickman VISUALLY JUMPS from card to card eventually coming to rest on the signed selection. A visual stunner that is super practical...classic Sanders! 

King Thing: The 4 kings vanish from the deck. When they make their appearance again, one is face-up in the middle of the pack, one is in the performers pocket, one is in the card case and the last one is found right under the spectator’s finger. And get ready for the amazing part...there is NO PALMING and NO EXTRA CARDS 
are used. It can be performed with a borrowed deck! 

Time Travelling Bill: One of the most logical and convincing uses for the bill switch! A old, worn out bill is transformed into a new one. The serial number is the same! A practical miracle you can perform everywhere! 

Slow Mo Aces: A SLOW-MOTION 4 ace transposition where every card 
is shown. A real workers routine and super easy to do. The closest 
you can get to McDonald’s Aces with a borrowed pack! 

Bill Anywhere: Imagine borrowing a bill and then having it reappear anywhere 
that you can imagine! This exciting new principle uses psychology to convince the 
spectator that the bill is definitely his! Lots of applications in magic! 

Gone: You hand a deck to the spectator and from that moment on, YOU DO NOT TOUCH 
THE PACK AGAIN. The spectator selects a card from the deck and then shuffles 
the pack. At your command the card vanishes from the deck that the spectator is 
still holding, and appears in your pocket. When the spectator looks through the deck 
his card is missing! A REAL REPUTATION MAKER! 
and more! Volume Three (DVDRS3RIC) 

Effects Performed and Explained: 

Shaken: Visual card magic at it’s most visual! Watch dots drawn on a card VISUALLY REGROUP to form the outline of a selected card. All this happens on the back of a signed card that the spectator keeps as a souvenir! 

Card in Ear: A two card selection routine where cards change, one card ends up behind the performer’s ear and finally the whole deck vanishes leaving only the 2 selections. A smorgasbord of amazing magic in one routine! 

Discovered: An unexplainable card revelation that will fool even the most knowledgeable magicians. The best part’s self working! 

Trick Photography: A selected card vanishes from the pack and reappears inside the magician’s hand...inside a picture! This routine has become a standard in many magician’s professional performing repertoires! 

The Audio Vanish: Vanish any small item from your card case! A ring is dropped into the card case. In short sleeves, the magician shakes the card case and the ring is heard rattling inside. When the spectator says go...the rattling immediately stops and the ring is gone from the 
case. Everything is self contained and there really is nothing in the 
case at the end! 

Stickmen 4: A wild packet trick that uses only 4 cards! 
One at time little stickmen start appearing on the backs of four jokers. 
Here’s the killer finish, like a special effect, all the stickmen visually jump onto the 
back of the chosen joker held by the spectator. You actually see the stickmen jump 
...think George Lucas meets Ed Marlo! 

Sugarless Bill: A borrowed bill vanishes and then reappears inside an unopened, 
sealed package of gum! This trick alone has landed Richard thousands of dollars worth 
of contracts! As a bonus you will see Richard performing this trick on Canadian television. 

Castle Purse: The closing effect to Richard’s Magic Castle performance. 
A folded card is shown inside a small coin purse and then set aside. A card is chosen 
and signed by a spectator. A small selection of tricks are performed. To end the 
performance a small set of tweezers are used to gently and very slowly remove 
the folded card from the coin purse. THE FOLDED CARD IN THE PURSE IS 
THE SIGNED SELECTION! As a bonus, you will see Richard perform this 
miracle live at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

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