Mark Elsdon - Six of One

Mark Elsdon - Six of One

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Mark Elsdon - Six of One


New from Mark Elsdon…six fantastic, commercial & eye-popping effects in a brand new PDF booklet that you can download INSTANTLY! You will want to add some, if not all, of these sensational new effects to your repertoire immediately. Read on to find out more.

Origami of Note - The magician borrows any bank note, which he has the spectator fold into eighths and clip together with a paper clip. The spectator holds the note on his out-stretched and. Without ever touching it, the magician simply waves his hand over the note and it visibly re-folds itself into a small T-shirt hung on a mini hanger! The spectator keeps this little origami masterpiece. Remember, at NO time does the magician ever touch the note.

Odd Man Out - A full deck of cards is fanned in front of a spectator. The spectator is asked to name any of the 52 cards. No force. The card is placed face up on the spectator’s hand. Next the spectator is shown that all the cards are blue backed. The spectator’s card is now flipped face down. Unbelievably, his card is the ODD MAN OUT - it has a green back! No switch. It’s not the ODD MAN OUT they think it is though. The deck is flipped face down and every card is now red backed! The spectator can examine the deck. No kidding.

Wishful Tinkering - A spectator selects a card, which is shuffled back into the deck. The spectator now chooses whether he would like his card appear on the top, in the middle or on the bottom of the deck. After showing that the card is not in the chosen position, the magician subsequently makes it appear there. This is repeated until all three choices are exhausted. The magician says that his choice is for the card to appear in his pocket. The spectator deals through the deck and sure enough his card has gone. The magician pulls it from his pocket. Oh, and no palming.

Cardtoon, Too - A deck of cards is shown, fronts and backs, and a spectator selects a card. The Joker, which has a picture of a stick magician on its back, is dropped on top of the deck. The deck is riffled like a flipbook and the stickman animates, pulling the spectator's free selection out of his top hat! (This is the ‘Cardtoon’ effect.) The stickman Joker is removed from the top of the deck, and now the stickman has vanished from all the other cards!

Memorization - The performer states that he has learnt the technique for memorizing a randomly shuffled deck of cards. He opens a brand new deck, (genuinely) shuffles it and proceeds to memorize it. Then as proof, whilst his back is turned, a spectator removes one card that no one else sees and replaces it into a different part of the deck. The performer retrieves the deck and locates the selection, stating that it was the "only one out of place.”
The difficulty is now increased as the performer has two spectators remove cards. These cards are not replaced but pocketed by the spectators. Nevertheless, the performer identifies the two missing cards from the ‘memorized’ deck. A final test memory test is proposed. This time, however, the performer claims that he will memorize a spectator’s responses. A spectator says aloud the thirteen values from ace through king, as well as the four suits. He then removes a card from the deck (again whilst the performer’s back is turned) and pockets it.
The deck is cased and placed in the spectator’s other pocket. The spectator now calls aloud once again the thirteen values and four suits. The performer claims to have detected subtle differences in the way that the spectator spoke the second time, compared to the speech patterns that he had memorized. This is borne out by the fact that he now names the card in the spectator’s pocket!

Sandwich Way Did They Go? - A spectator takes the two black Queens from the deck and puts them on top of the card case. He now selects a card which is replaced in the deck. The magician moves to pick up the Queens but they have vanished. The deck is spread and the Queens are face up in the middle of it, sandwiching the selection. The Queens are placed off to one side and the case is placed on top of them for security. The selection is face up on top of the face down deck, but as soon as the magician lifts it off the deck it visibly vanishes! The Queens beneath the card case are now spread and between them is the selection. The selection is picked up and the magician begins to insert it into the deck but stops dead in his tracks because the deck has vanished!!


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