Lee Earle - Q & A Teach-In(1-3)

Lee Earle - Q & A Teach-In(1-3)

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Lee Earle - Q & A Teach-In(1-3)

Vol 1 Q&A
Learn the basic premise of the Question & Answer presentation plus classic methods for building your killer routine.

One Ahead
Explore the ins and outs of this old standby method and discover how to make it fresh and entertaining for your audiences.

More professional tips on the psychology of pre-show information gathering and some utility props that make your life easier.

Discover the secrets of leveraging your information to amaze them by revealing things that they never write down!

A working pro's tips and techniques for helping make your routine more effective by connecting emotionally to your audience.

Solid advance for how to get the most out of this dynamic presentation for all audiences?? large and small.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 9minVol 2 SuperScript
SuperScript is the ideal solution for performing a Question and Answer routine based on a believable premise?? graphology and handwriting analysis.

You'll need no clipboards or impression devices nor will you be required to do any 'pre-show' work. The method is clean?? can be performed close-up or on the largest stage?? and leaves a souvenir brochure in the hands of everyone whose question is answered.

Previously?? SuperScript has been available only as a premium-priced package of specially printed brochures and a VHS instructional video. With today's ubiquity of desktop computers?? those custom folders are as close as your inkjet printer and are easily personalized for your own purposes.

This Teach-In includes every second of the original SuperScript video?? reemastered and chaptered for DVD?? plus access to the necessary files in .pdf format for you to produce your own supplies?? as you need them?? using 8.5 x 11-inch?? ink-jet cover weight paper (index card stock).

Running Time Approximately 45minVol 3 EZ-Q&A
EZ-Q&A's weave of multiple methods is both brilliant in concept and absolutely mind-boggling in impact. First introduced by Bruce Bernstein?? this killer idea has been honed to a sharp edge?? fine tuned?? and polished to perfection by Mentalism's Maestro?? Lee Earle.

It's perfect for banquet audiences because everything is so delightfully simple. Pencils and little white cards (reproduced from the free .pdf file on your ink-jet printer) are distributed among the audience who are asked to jot down a word?? make a sketch?? or write a thought. An innocent audience helper gathers all the cards and holds them until your routine begins.

You place the packet on his upturned hand?? he takes a card?? views the hidden information?? and you amazingly reveal every detail - plus?? you can instantly return that card to the person in the audience from whom it came! Repeat with up to 5 cards?? each revelation more impossible than the one before it?? with a fabulous drawing duplication finish!

This DVD includes (as background) Lee Earle's highly acclaimed Q&A Lecture at the 2005 MindVention (amateur video)?? an excerpt on Q & A from the DVD The Sunshine Boys?? plus new details?? handlings?? and secrets from his personal repertoire.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min


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