Louis Tannen - Stars of Magic

Louis Tannen - Stars of Magic

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Louis Tannen - Stars of Magic


published by Louis Tannen
1961 (Hardcover), 168 pages 


John Scarne Classic Ball Routine 9 
John Scarne Triple Coincidence two decks, three cards exchanged 15 
John Scarne Silver and Copper Trick coin through pocket follow up 18 
Dai Vernon Triumph THE classic 23 
Dai Vernon Trimph Shuffle 24 
Dai Vernon Classic Triumph Rightening context 26 
Dai Vernon Cutting The Aces see also the original handling, comments by Marlo in Losing Aces, Cutting Aces 27 
Dai Vernon Double Undercut context 29 
Dai Vernon One Handed Slip Cut 30 
Dai Vernon Spellbound 31 
Morritt Purse Palm context 32 
Dai Vernon Kangaroo Coins into glass 35 
Dai Vernon One of Four context 36 
Bert Allerton Pump Room Phantasy two Aces appear on top and bottom 39 
Bert Allerton Bamboozle story presentation 43 
S. Leo Horowitz Malini-Bey Chink-A-Chink 46 
S. Leo Horowitz The Egyptian Ball Mystery 50 
S. Leo Horowitz Colour Change conetxt 52 
Emil Jarrow Hanky-Panky cigarette through handkerchief 54 
Francis Carlyle Decapitation head of match is scratched off, reappears, lights 57 
Francis Carlyle Homing Card 61 
Francis Carlyle Wrist Watch Steal hanky held by spectator 65 
Dai Vernon Impromptu Cups and Balls 69 
Dai Vernon Vanish put-type 75 
Dai Vernon Ambitious Card 76 
Dai Vernon Paintbrush Color Change context 77 
Dai Vernon Thumb Crotch Pass like manipulator's steal, context 77 
Unknown "Bubble Count" as a get-ready, context 78 
Dai Vernon The Double Lift with simulated two-handed push-off 78 
Dai Vernon Mental Card Miracle card is put in pocket, see also Ed Marlo's On Vernon's "Mental Card Miracle" 80 
Dai Vernon The False Count buckle count 82 
Dai Vernon Snapping Two Cards as One 83 
Dai Vernon The Gambler's Palm 83 
Dai Vernon The Ring on the Wand 4 methods, see also Ron Bauer's The Cursed Ring 84 
Dai Vernon Slow-Motion Four Aces two methods 90 
Dai Vernon Packet Palm multiple, small packet, context 94 
Dai Vernon Face Up Tent Vanish context 94 
Dai Vernon The Travelers 97 
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift brief, hindu-shuffle, context 98 
Dai Vernon Modified Hofzinser Palm context 98 
Dai Vernon Hugard Top Palm context 99 
Dr. Jacob Daley Cards Up the Sleeve 10 cards 101 
Dr. Jacob Daley Left Pivot Palm context 102 
Dr. Jacob Daley Laydown False Count context 103 
Dr. Jacob Daley One-Hand Spring Palm multiple palm from small packet, context 104 
Dr. Jacob Daley Snap False Count context 105 
Dr. Jacob Daley Left One-Hand Bottom Palm small packet handling, context 105 
Dr. Jacob Daley Two-Handed Click Pass barehanded, context 106 
Dr. Jacob Daley The Itinerant Pasteboards 107 
Dr. Jacob Daley Instantaneous Double Lift hit lift, context 108 
Dr. Jacob Daley Riffle Force break, context 109 
A. Roterberg Push-In Change context 110 
Dr. Jacob Daley Side Slip with Pressure Fan Cover context 110 
Dr. Jacob Daley The Cavorting Aces 111 
Dr. Jacob Daley Turnover Herrmann Pass context 112 
Dr. Jacob Daley Riffle-Shuffle Palm 114 
Slydini Cigarette Miracle 115 
Slydini Flight of the Paper Balls 121 
Slydini Flyaway Coin Routine to spectator's pocket four times 125 
Ross Bertram Rubdown 129 
Ross Bertram Double-Cross 131 
Ross Bertram Passing the Half-Bucks 132 
Ross Bertram The Porous Paw 135 
Ross Bertram Coin Assembly 136 
Ross Bertram Moisture Palm context 138 
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener 142 
Nate Leipzig Turnover Addition context 143 
Nate Leipzig Acrobats using duplicate 144 
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's "Pride" 145 
Nate Leipzig Tear-Up with a Twist torn and restored cigarette paper 146 
Max Malini Card Stabbing 152 
Max Malini Malini's own Color Change 154 
Max Malini Malini's Favorite! with nice clean up 155 
Max Malini Jacket Pocket context 157 
Max Malini Knee Hold-Out context 157 
Dai Vernon Royal Monte "A Lesson in Artistic Card Handling", see also Ed Marlo's Royal Monte, Gerald Deutsch's Added Attraction, Roy Walton's "Roy"-al Monte 158 
Dai Vernon Display Count context 159 
Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante 162


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