Devin Knight LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight  LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
  • Devin Knight LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Devin Knight LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Devin Knight




Devin Knight is a fine creator and longtime practitioner of mentalism. I’m looking forward to seeing his lecture and his approach to the art.” -Richard Osterlind 

"Devin Knight is one of the best "out of the box" thinkers ever." -Tom Craven 

On BLINDSIGHT (taught in lecture)... 

"The directness and simplicity of BLINDSIGHT is surpassed only by its impressive cleverness." -Michael Weber 

"The elegantly simple method behind BLINDSIGHT opened my eyes...even my third one." -Doc Hilford 

"I changed my mind three times and Devin still nailed me! He then showed me the method and I was the perfect mark!" -Bob Sheets



Who is he?

With over 80 marketed items and multiple publications in both magic and mentalism, Devin Knight is regarded as one of magics most prolific inventors. 

Devin has been performing and creating magic his whole life. In fact, he was what you might term a child prodigy… with his innate ability to instantly know how virtually any effect was done… and then improve on it! 

Devin's magic will fool you and and when he tells you how it’s done, you’ll be delighted at its beautiful simplicity. He’s going to cover a ton powerful, practical, real-world mentalism and magic. 



What will he teach?

A spectator correctly guesses which colors are inside of four envelopes. They set one aside but the magician has predicted it. 

Devin explains his self-bending spoon and how to make one at home. 

A sucker effect in which the magician teaches the audience a simple trick and then does it again and fools them. A real magician fooler. 

The performer shows an ungimmicked lightbulb, vanishes salt and it appears inside the bulb. Bulb can be examined before & after. 

A person secretly removes a chess piece from a chess set and conceals it. The performer has circled the same piece in a chess book held by an audience member BEFORE the selection is made. The entire effect is hands off. Another magician fooler. 

4 spectators remove tarot cards from a regular tarot deck and just think of their card. Magician reveals the four cards without any questions or fishing. As close to real mindreading as you can get. 

Spectator removes any card from the deck, he can change his mind. A duplicate of his card is inside a box that has been in full view at all times. Magician does not touch the card inside the box. The spectator removes it, and it is the only card in the box. Baffling beyond words. 

A new version of this effect. Magician cuts a square out of newspaper and the cut out square visible changes into a cut out circle! 

The four aces vanish one at a time from the magicians hands in the cleanest manner possible. No sticky stuff or gimmicked cards. 

Devin version of ACAAN where it is hands off. No gimmick decks, duplicate cards. 

Magician reveals a freely selected card, no force, while his back is turned and without touching the cards. He can be 20 feet away! 

The performer predicts where a spectator will stop cutting on two different newspaper columns. Very baffling to those who know the old clipline. 

A borrowed ring appears inside a paint can, and then is spray out of the can. Very funny routine with a borrowed ring that your audience hasn’t seen. 

Devin’s new and improved routine using the old baby gag, with new gags and handlings not found in the original. 

This lecture will teach you some great magic and mentalism with methods that are devious and doable from a guy who has a lifetime of consistently clever creations. Join us on a trip into the mind of Devin Knight. 

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