Dantalion Jones - Perfected Mind Control The Unauthorized Black Book Of Hypnotic Mind Control

Dantalion Jones - Perfected Mind Control The Unauthorized Black Book Of Hypnotic Mind Control

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Dantalion Jones - Perfected Mind Control The Unauthorized Black Book Of Hypnotic Mind Control

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Perfected Mind Control - The Unauthorized Black Book of Covert Hypnotic Mind Control. This is advanced material that include so-called "hypnotic" processes that are so powerful I've made the cost of the book prohibitive to only the most serious. Just preview the first few pages and you should get the picture. Perfected Mind Control is about training people to do things because they are pleasurable. This is the exact opposite to what most people think of as "mind control". In fact the old versions of mind control aren't fun and take too much effort. There is an example of an "hypnotic orgasm" which you'll learn about in Perfected Mind Control


not only entertains, but makes you think deeply to the core of who you are as a person, a culture, a human. This book is at that level. You end up asking yourself vital questions. If you truly had the power to control not just a person, but a group of people, what would you do with that power, and why? The author, possibly THE foremost authority on mind control for this day and age, deals carefully with these questions, while presenting information from a fresh, next-level perspective, and urging us to be ethical. At the same time, you find that you could be part of a select group, privy to a method, or recipe for having amazing control over others. A method based on previous attempts by cults, governments, secret societies, et al, with successes and failures examined, then built upon. Understand, though, that the idea here is to do GOOD with this kind of power, as we find, effectively by our author, there is a strong karmic influence with our actions. Along with this fantastic concept, the book is extremely well written, very well thought out, and gives us a value that well exceeds its price. There is even hypnosis-based scripts to recite to our selected ones, to attain maximum affect in them, and as a professional hypnotist, I find these scripts are better than any I use in my practice. This book is so good, I found it difficult to sleep, I was so excited and entertained. I don't want to rule the world, personally. I do want to help others heal, and when my clients are in self-sabatoge mode, I can use what I've learned in this book to help restructure their deep beliefs that they don't even know they have. More importantly, it helps me to understand those who really DO want to have viscious control over others.

For example, I remember when I was in college, I had a suite-mate who, while shopping one day, was approached by this group (an 'organized religeon' built like a cult, mostly known for A-list actors that represent them), to take a 'personality test'. They told him he could find out what wonderful things make him who he is, and he was excited. He had to wait a day for the results, with a dandy anticipation. He was crushed, to the core, when he was told that the personality test showed him to have personality disorders, including 'inferiority complex' and 'neurotic stress reactions'. We all have those, but he was convinced that they were right, and they were the only ones who could help him. To me, it was clear brainwashing tactics, and cruel. My personal opinion withstanding, I understand what kind of mentality it takes to do that to someone else, now that I have read this book, and I feel that one of the unknowns that haunted me throughout my adult life has been addressed. How many books can you say that about?
This book isn't fodder for the paranoid. It isn't the new Bible for conspiracy theorists. It is, however, perfect for anyone that wants a nitty-gritty perspective on mind control, the cultist psychology, and a crisp insight on behavioral concepts on how to have unseen power over others. Thought-provoking, amazing, deep, and easily among the most the most fascinating books you will ever read.

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