Confetti Card by Darryl Davis & DaryI Williams (a.k.a. The Other Brothers) (Instant Download)

Confetti Card by Darryl Davis & DaryI Williams (a.k.a. The Other Brothers) (Instant Download)

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Confetti Card by Darryl Davis & DaryI Williams (a.k.a. The Other Brothers) (Instant Download)

Fooling, unforgettable and PLAYS HUGE in any venue.

This little miracle packs small and plays big—HUGE, really. 

I know, I know, you’ve heard that a BILLION times before. But it this case, it’s true. All you need is cards and some paper. But if you combine them, along with the SECRET of this trick, you’ll have a giant, crowd-pleasing miracle (actually it’s TWO illusions AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT) that you can carry with you wherever you go. 

The story starts here: Some of my magic friends here in Vegas and LA carry confetti with them wherever they go. They just use it for jokes…but that got us thinking…what if the confetti WAS the magic? That little thought led Daryl and Darryl to THIS BIG RELEASE:

Confetti Card: 

Your friend picks a card. You give her the deck and she puts it back inside. SHE’S HOLDING THE CARDS. Then, WITH EMPTY HANDS, you reach into your pockets…and pull out a single card (they see the back and the face) and a handful of confetti. You reveal the card with a BURST OF PAPER!

Problem is: You’re wrong. That’s not her card.

BUT…just when it looks like all is lost…you cleanly fold up the wrong card, toss it in the air…and it TRANSFORMS INTO A CONFETTI VERSION OF THE CHOSEN CARD. 

(Take a second and think about how magical that is…not only did the card transform into confetti…also…the wrong card transformed into the right card, which, just a moment ago, was inside the deck.) 

Sometimes the card pieces land face-up and the change is IMMEDIATELY visible. OTHER times—and this just as good IF NOT BETTER—the pieces land face-down…so you can EXTEND the magic moment, even further, by asking your friend to slowly bend down and turn the pieces around. 

Either way, the result is the same: Shock and awe.

Easily repeatable. No fancy props needed. 

If you’re performing somewhere where you have to clean up, you can do it with bigger confetti and card pieces. Or you can use tiny pieces for those rare moments when it’s okay to leave a big mess and a big impact. The trick works perfectly either way. It’s the perfect way to leave a BIG impact….with just some cards and some paper. 

-Rick Lax

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